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           Let us describe you briefly what we specialize in.

     The Sunrise company was established in 1995. Since then its development and the original appearance have been looked after by 18 qualified workers and arts experts . The company produces up to 10.000 of products per month.Currentley the offer covers about 300 patterns and it can include more: both in the amount and in the assortment of the merchchandise.
     The production process takes place in a special hall which measures 260 sq. m.
     Thanks to that and to the well-developed sales system both in Poland and abroad, we obtain about PLN 900 000 per year.

  • compositions of exotic and Polish flowers:
    • pictures,
    • ikebanas,
    • baskets,
    • dried flowers arrangements,
  • flower compositions included in:
    • wooden frames, i.e. flower compositions, sea compositions;
    • wooden fancy goods - rich range of products;
    • home and foreign wicker goods;
    • artistic glass
    • clay and terracotta;
  • ˇ possibility of individual order fulfilment - design and preparation of new patterns against order (short advertising sets).

     In our plant we manufacture high quality products both for home and for garden:
  • Steering wheels;
  • Spinning-wheels;
  • Wheel-barrows;
  • Wind-mills;
  • Ladder cars;
  • Water mills;
  • Wills;
  • Wooden goods, such as frames or fancy goods.

     Apart from the above we also offer unusual handicraft:
  • scarecrows;
  • garden plastic decorations;
  • wooden toys - wide range of goods.

     and such services as:
  • interior arrangement,
  • home and international transport.
    Cubage: 23m3 - 55m3, Loading capacity: 1300 - 3500kg by IVECO or Mercedes Benz delivery cars. Curently we own 10 cars of that type.

     Our own transportation services let us fulfil every single order with no delay, including also long-distance ones, both from Poland and Europe.      Our goods have been appreciated on many fairs and exhibitions.
In case of inquiries, please, contact our transport unit at ph. No. (+48) 68 3874345 or via e-mail:



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