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A fragment of our pictures collection

     Above you can see a fragment of our pictures collection that are manufactured at our works. Taking the amount assortment and safety means into account, we are not able to present all of our pictures on this site. The collection includes miscellaneous patterns that are unique both in colour, size and in other aspects.
     Our client may choose the colour, shape and size according to his/her needs or, if the requirements are unusual, the client may describe the needed features him/herself.
     There is a possibility of choosing a frame pattern. The accessible themes are the following:
  • Flower
  • Sea
  • Multiple technic

     The following sizes and shapes of frames are accessible:
  • rectangles 15x20cm ÷ 60x80cm
  • squares 15x15cm ÷ 60x60cm
  • ovals 18x26cm ÷ 60x80cm
  • hexahedrones 15x15x15cm ÷ 25x25x25cm
  • circles 20cm ÷ 50cm

     Those who are interested in, please, contact us via e-mail.
     Our clients may suggest their individual patterns.



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